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Bladder Tumor Removal- TURBT











Pre-Procedure Instructions:

Post Procedure Instructions:

You should:

  • Increase your fluid intake
  • If you see blood in the urine, decrease your activity and increase fluids
  • Empty catheter drainage bag as necessary



  • No driving until after your catheter has been removed
  • No sex for 2 weeks
  • No lifting greater than 20 lbs for 3 weeks
  • Avoid constipation


You can expect:

  • Some increased feelings of having to urinate
  • Some burning with urination, this should improve with in a few days
  • Some blood in the urine
  • Pain medication may cause constipation, you may take a laxative if this occurs


You should call the office if:

  • Temperature of 100.6 or greater
  • Excessive bleeding with large clots (larger than a peanut)
  • Your catheter stops draining and you feel your bladder is not draining
  • If you are not contacted for a follow up appt one business day after your surgery
  • If you develop calf tenderness or swelling